Empty Bowls to be Filled

Empty Bowls to be Filled

Originally printed in the Pine County Courier March 16, 2017

Emilee Franklin
The clinks of silverware, slurps of soup and melody of music were just few of the noises heard at the Sandstone United Church of Christ (UCC) this past Saturday.
Over 75 people gathered and had their bowls filled with homemade soup for the annual Empty Bowls event. Empty Bowls is a project that was started three years ago by the church that aimed at raising money for the hungry.
The idea is fairly simple. Gather local community members together to create bowls out of clay, and then hold a dinner to remember all of the Empty Bowls or hungry people in the world. For a $10 suggested donation, anyone could come and have homemade soup, bread, and were able to pick out a locally made ceramic bowl.
This years event has raised over $1150 and counting. The money will be donated to the East Central backpack program that serves children in need, and the Sandstone food shelf, which should hopefully result in a lot of empty bowls filled.
With the success of this weekend, it is almost certain that we can look forward to another event like this in the future. UCC chose to hold the event earlier this year than in past years, because all of the money donated to the Food Shelf in March is doubled a part of Minnesota food share month.
Empty Bowls is part of the larger international project to fight hunger in which various groups around the world host various fundraisers.

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