Welcome Back!

Hello and Welcome to the “new” blog! You might think that is strange since many of my current posts are back dated a year, or three. This is because I have imported them off of two of my other blogs, and have decided to consolidate my blogs into one nice place with my photography page. I will still have my blog on WordPress, for those users who follow me there, but all of my posts will now also appear on my photography pag13103256_1363413597007612_1081851392204914175_ne. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I had not blogged except for one time for the newspaper or hadn’t really updated my photography website since my sexual assault from almost two years ago. Before this time I was blogging fairly regularly and was trying to post at least a photo of the week. I had a few posts already written and ready to share when I was assaulted, including one on how Ireland was one of the safest and nicest places on earth. Although I still love Ireland, and believe it is wonderful, I believe I was initially naïve in my thinking, and danger can lurk anywhere, especially for young girls. Realizing how long I have ignored something I loved to do made me very sad. So I decided to reach out and change this. I would love to share my story sometime with everyone, but the time is not now, as I am still tied into some legal cases, and do not want to cause myself any harm legally. I also want to make sure I am healed enough myself to share my story on that large of a scale first. For the time being you can expect posts about music, travel, and so much more.

I had inspiration to continue my blog and website during a short visit home to Minnesota in December, when a family friend mentioned to me that she was living through my Facebook posts, and she wished that I would post more. This alarmed me, since I had not posted anything really worthwhile in a long time. I feel as if I lost a lot of my creativity from the recent dark I have went through, and are continuing through and I know my motivation has been affected. Depression can be detrimental to ones health, and it affects the completion of  even daily activities. I am going to try and change this as much as I can and try to pursue something that I am truly passionate about. I may not be able to post or share all the time, but I realize if others are living through my posts, I should be living for myself and my interests. So please if you find something you like, give it a like, comment, share, or even private message me. So welcome to the new blog! Hope you enjoy it!

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, check out my updated photography page now with blog: http://www.efranklinphoto.com  With more updates and photos to come! ❤ Thank you to everyone for you ongoing support with everything!



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