Proud Puppy Parent

Proud Puppy Parent – Originally posted in the Pine County Courier 3/30/17

Emilee Franklin

Two puppies is a lot different than one. With one, you only have to chase after one, train one, feed one, step in one amount of dog poop, with two they can be often found running off in opposite directions with different ideas, and did I mention double the poop or potential potty accidents inside while being potty-trained. At our house we don’t have double trouble, but rather triple trouble, as we added two puppies, to our three year old Golden Retriever Marley.

I am attempting to write the blog/column while struggling to work from home while I am puppy sitting. This is my first time of being able to finally sit down in over an hour, and it probably won’t last very long. Two weeks ago my family and I adopted two English lab puppies that were 10 weeks old who needed homes. They are adorable, delightful, and quickly became the loves of our lives. But, within a half hour of my first time home alone with them all day they decided to show me a different side to their love. When my Mom left for work we had two gorgeous girls curled up asleep on the couch after eating, and going outside. Within minutes, terror struck as they began crawling all over the place eating newspapers and trying to jump off the couch.

Trying to change the game I decided to take the puppies outside to play for a while. Within the first 15 minutes or so, things were going alright. I had brought both of them outside to play and took Marley our three year old golden retriever who was desperately seeking attention for a short walk around the yard. Returning back to the puppies I had discovered they had rolled in their own poop, and were jumping attempting to jump on me with poop on their paws. Lovely!

Knowing I needed to do something about this I brought Marley briefly in away from the puppies, and started to gather towels, and supplies to clean them up before allowing them back into the house. While inside, then the two girls decided to use this new found freedom to fight with each other. When I returned back outside I discovered one of the puppies had a sore bleeding eye from fighting. I decided they really should not be together for a little while if they were going to play rough or fight so I grabbed the puppies one at a time and attempted to clean off their feet, and brought them into the house. By the time I got back into the house, and got the puppies wrangled to the couch, I realized I did an awful job, there were brown spots of hopefully mud everywhere. Sorry mom. After putting them in separate cages to avoid fighting, I began cleaning the floor, and they began barking as they were away from each other. After a while I caved in, and brought them both outside again to go potty, and then back onto the couch where they are now napping. Woof, where did my last hour go? Who knew taking care of puppies could be so hard? I feel it is only a matter of minutes before one gets the idea that they want to try and bite their older sister’s tail which is in their face, or bravely jump down, or accidently fall down.

How did I get into this mess you may ask? It was partially my fault as I really wanted a puppy. I have always wanted puppy, and although I have had two dogs I have never felt that I have had the true experience of having a puppy. Be careful for what you wish for. We adopted our first dog Sable in 2006, an abused chocolate lab, from PetSmart when he was already a few years old. As for our second dog, our golden retriever Marley, my parents broke the news to our family over Christmas three years ago that we were getting a puppy. I had mixed emotions. I had always wanted a puppy, but I was leaving in less than three weeks for Ireland for a semester of school, and had another two years of school in Duluth after this. Although I was really excited I unfortunately missed most of the puppy time with Marley from being abroad, school, and work. So when the opportunity arose to possibly adopt a puppy I was all on board. Little did I know my whole life was going to change. We didn’t adopt one puppy, but two since they are such good friends, we could not really separate them. Looking at their faces, it was hard to resist just taking one so now Aran and Carly are an integral part of our lives.

Two puppies does not mean all bad things they also mean, double the love, snuggles, puppy breath and cuteness. Puppies don’t care how you look, how many likes or followers you have, or how much you make, they just love you, and I think we can all use that love. I am not encouraging anyone to go out and be as crazy as us in adopting two puppies, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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