730 days

730 days Emilee Franklin 730 days of seeing your face in my nightmares, flashbacks, and just random thoughts. There hasn’t been a day unfortunately where I haven’t thought about the day you raped me. Of the 730 days many of them were filled with so much anxiety I was not able to sleep, or sleep […]

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Proud Puppy Parent

Proud Puppy Parent – Originally posted in the Pine County Courier 3/30/17 Emilee Franklin Two puppies is a lot different than one. With one, you only have to chase after one, train one, feed one, step in one amount of dog poop, with two they can be often found running off in opposite directions with […]

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It’s Paddy not Patty

It’s Paddy not Patty- Originally Published in the Pine County Courier March 23, 2016 Emilee Franklin (Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on Ireland, or St. Patrick’s Day, I would love to share traditions I have experienced spending two St. Patrick’s Days in Ireland.)   No leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, or […]

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Welcome Back!

Hello and Welcome to the “new” blog! You might think that is strange since many of my current posts are back dated a year, or three. This is because I have imported them off of two of my other blogs, and have decided to consolidate my blogs into one nice place with my photography page. […]

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Empty Bowls to be Filled

Empty Bowls to be Filled Originally printed in the Pine County Courier March 16, 2017 Emilee Franklin The clinks of silverware, slurps of soup and melody of music were just few of the noises heard at the Sandstone United Church of Christ (UCC) this past Saturday. Over 75 people gathered and had their bowls filled […]

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Skipping School for Service

Skipping School for Service Originally printed in the Pine County Courier February 23, 2017 Emilee Franklin Twelve National Honor Society (NHS) students and their coordinator Cassie Gaede last week ventured into the Sandstone United Church of Christ (UCC) during school hours. Why would such a group of students known to be studious be skipping school? […]

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