Fancy a Crisp Sandwich?

Fancy a crisp sandwich? Emilee Franklin “What do you mean you have never had a crisp sandwich?”, my English “mum and dad” puzzled. We were all sitting in their dining room in Worcester. I looked at them with a curious expression wanting to believe, but not wanting to be tricked. With blonde hair comes a […]

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Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers Emilee Franklin             Since people often ask me what I like about Ireland and my quick response is naturally to say everything, I have decided to start blogging about some of the things I don’t particularly enjoy.  Some of these blog posts will be for my own reference; others will be just too […]

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My Return

Emilee Franklin My Return I have been anxiously planning my return back to Ireland only days after taking my first step on “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shores.” I knew fromthe first few days living in the rural west of Ireland that I was meant to return. This past spring of 2014 I was blessed enough to […]

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