Paranoia “Will Destroy Ya”

Originally published in the Pine County Courier May 4, 2017. Emilee Franklin Paranoia “Will Destroy Ya” I have experienced the crazy, unacceptable cultural phenomenon a lot this past year; life without a cell phone. From August to February, I resided in China, teaching English. While there, I needed to purchase a phone that would work […]

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Threat to National Security?

Emilee Franklin- Originally Posted in the Pine County Courier April 13, 2017 Threat to National Security? While traveling home this late December from China to Minnesota I experienced something that I imagine hasn’t happened to most people, but may be increasingly happening as security measures at airports tighten. I experienced the sheer thrill of being […]

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Doctor’s Adventures in China

Emilee Franklin – Published in the Pine County Courier Thursday, February 16th, 2017 Doctor’s Adventures in China During my six month stay in China, I had many “adventures,” at the hospitals. My most recent visit was the most comical, partially because it was the least serious. Two weeks to the date I made the fateful […]

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